CGER COIN = decentralized Community Token

THE TOKEN form the Community for the Community, Team & their Projects: 
⬢ Suitable for investors ⬢ Cashback – Buy Profit through Fee ⬢ to Support the Community Projects ⬢ low transaction fees. A profitable Token Coin with many incentives that supports our Projects. From our Community for our Community and all the People who want to support our Projects. Thank You <3

System - Insight: Projekt & Data

A modified Community Token deliberately created on the Binance Blockchain (BSC – BNB Smartchain). Low Transaction Fees provide Incentives and allow for rapid Growth to increase Liquidity. Owners (Coin Holders) benefit to the same extent.

All Benefits at one Glance

  • Holder Fee - with each Transfer the Coin Holders receive 4%
  • Pool Fee - 4% get into the Holder Pool (Liquidity)
  • Community Fee - 2% support the Community Projects

A View to the Future

  • Increase in Liquidity through Sponsors / Investors
  • Launch on several Wallets - Platforms / Portals
  • Own Swap Function + further Innovations

BUY - Currently Available - buy CGER Token Coin, swapen...

Our GCER COIN is currently available exclusively on the PamcakeSwap Platform. The Launch on other Platforms will be the next Step depending on offers and interest. For the Swap or Purchase you need a MetaMask Wallet with a Balance in BNB (BSC/ BEP20).
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NFT-ART - Kooperation & Support

By purchasing our NFT’s you also support our Community Projects. Our own Collection is available as an NFT-ART Kollaboration on as well as on Have fun with exclusive Artwork and Thank You for your support by Purchasing <3. In the Future we plan to Launch it on other Platforms so that our Community Project can grow and we can get more People excited about our Community.

Community Team - Crypto Germany
Our primary Website is the Community Page on As a Community Team, we share our
Knowledge and Project ideas with our Community and all Visitors without obligation. More about us on our:
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Liquidity Upgrade

comming soon…

Token Contract - officially Data

Contract – ID: 


Help: Question & Awnsers - Quick Translation

Our coin should get its own note despite the affiliation. This should reflect the idea of ​​our community and our designer loves new design projects <3 … hence our own brand. Nevertheless, we do not differentiate ourselves and the coin shows affiliation through the subpage with a clear main domain. – -. Therefore, we also use the same social media accounts.

Our CGER COIN primarily supports the projects of our community. But we also offer advantageous investment incentives for investors. Such as a holder fee, where each holder (coin owner) receives shares in a transaction. Or a small but fair and fine fee of 2% that goes into the coin pool (projects). The funding of the projects creates new investments and an increase in the current systems/projects.

Our token coin is a purchased or provided copy of a contract that has been modified. It’s common these days… with incentives from / like | SAFEMOON | SHIBA INU | and DOGECOINS. Like all platforms, we try to minimize the rate of bugs and rule out errors. To do this, we previously launched some test tokens and tested parts of the functionality. We try to keep the creation and use as transparent as possible. Please pay attention to the terms and conditions and usage instructions of the respective crypto sites as we cannot assume any liability for use.

Many Thanks for the Support ot our Community Projects

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